Syllabus Project

 S y l l a b u s   c h e c k l i s t

 F a c u l t y   S y l l a b u s

Purpose of this project: to assist each instructor (full time & adjunct) with their course/class syllabus - for the FALL 2006 Semester, and to place that syllabus and a picture of the instructor on a wiki (see for use by students. (read about "EAI - Educational Achievement Incentives - $$ from Title V for participating in this project -

Contents of your Syllabus

Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations (Education) Section 55002 "Standards & Criteria for Courses & Classes" sets forth the following contents required in a "standard" syllabus: (Also the State Senate for California Community Colleges has the Components of a Model Course Outline which is very useful in planning your syllabus.
1. The syllabus should include
* faculty name
* course title and section number
* required and recommended textbooks
* course objectives that are a reflection of the course outline of record
* a grading policy and/or evaluation process that is clearly defined and based on the above objectives
* the determination of a grade is based on demonstrated proficiency in the subject matter of the particular course, and in part, by means of essays, or in courses where the Curriculum Committee deems them to be appropriate, by problem-solving exercises or skills of demonstrations
* the demonstration of course work requiring critical thinking and the understanding and application of college-level concepts
* office hours
also you probably should also include:
*catalog description
*expected outcomes for students
* course content
*methods of presentation
*assignments & methods of evaluation
* textbooks
* your email address
* any pre-requisites which must be satisfied, co-requisite, or advisories
SCANS competencies (The Secretary's (of Labor) Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills)
* course procedures
* course requirements
* plagiarism policy
* internet links & resources
* calendar for course assignments/activities

1. A syllabus is required for each student in your class
2. The syllabus should be given out the first week of class
3. one copy of the syllabus should be given to your department chair and another copy given to the Office of Academic Affairs. This should be done before the end of the first week of the semester.